Area Served

Third City Community Clinic serves people who reside in Hall, Hamilton, Howard, and Merrick counties.

Client’s Rights and Responsibilities

The clients at the Third City Community Clinic will be treated with confidentiality, privacy and respect. Clients are responsible to be active participants in their health care. They also have the responsibility to give accurate and honest personal and health information to the clinic. If the client is unable to keep appointments, please cancel 24 hours in advance.

Who Is Eligible To Receive Services?

The Third City Community Clinic will serve low income individuals who are not able to pay for necessary medical and dental care and medications. Poverty level criteria are among the guidelines used in accepting clients at the Third City Community Clinic These situations may include include:

  Ineligible for government medical assistance
  Job transitions
  Lack or loss of medical coverage
  Single parenting
  Those in need of referral service
  Those with educational needs

(Individuals who are eligible for commercial health insurance, Veterans benefits, Medicaid or Medicare are not eligible for services. Third City Community Clinics does not provide Workmen’s Compensation or Disability Examinations.)

Services Provided

   Health Education
    Immediate medical care for chronic conditions such as Diabetes and Hypertension
    Well child check ups
    School Physicals
    Short term care for non-emergent conditions
    Dental screeening and cleaings for children/adults

(Appointments for patients who need additional testing or specialty care, after their appointment, are made by the Third City Community Clinic registered nurse.)

Medical services are generously donated by area physicians. Pharmacists, dieticians, nurses, phlebotomists, dentists, dental assistants and other community members also donate their time to serve those who are in need of medical and dental care through Third City Community Clinic.

Most prescription medications and supplies are provided to patients through the generous contributions of the community and pharmaceutical companies. In fact last year over $300,000 in donated and purchased prescription medications and supplies were made available to our patients.

400 medical clinics and 441 dental clinics were held last year.

95% of people who request immediate appointments were seen in the clinic within one week. Most of the people seen in the clinic require follow-up or additional appointments for chronic problems such as (diabetes, heart disease, obesity, breathing problems).

Sixty-five percent (65%) of adults who are seen for cleaning, fluoride treatments, sealants and varnish return for follow-up appointments within 6 months.

Poverty level criteria are among the guidelines used in accepting clients at the Third City Community Clinic. The Third City Clinic will not provide care to and individuals who are eligible for health insurance, Veterans benefits, Medicaid or Medicare. Workman’s compensation or disability examinations will not be done.


A five dollar donation will be requested. However, no individual will be turned away due to an inability to make a donation.